AVO Classic & Historic
All AVO Shock Absorbers can be valved to suit individual requirements and they are also rebuildable.

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AVO Classics
Designed for the more enthusiastic performance car driver, these units offer the freedom to the driver to set their cars suspension to their own driving requirements, both front and rear units are adjustable in damping rate whilst still mounted to the car. Units can be used with lowered or standard length springs, they will reduce body roll and increase steering response.
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- AVO will convert your struts to accept large O/D Mono-tube inverted inserts.
- Mono-tube inverted damper as used on all proffesionaly bult cars.
- Gas pressurised.
- Large diameter pistons giving accurate damping control.
- Large 40mm O/D giving extra streangth for high side load stress
- Single or Double adjustable damping rate.
- Piston rod is shielded from all road grime etc.