Bespoke applications and design

At Avo UK we have over 20 year’s experience of designing and developing bespoke set ups for the most unusual as well as the most common applications on track, rally & road.  If you would like us to look into your specific requirements, we are happy to do so.


All parts are designed and manufactured inhouse, so we look after the project every step of the way ourselves.


To get in touch please email with a brief description of the project and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.


All Avo dampers are designed to be serviceable parts.  We can test, service and repair any of our own dampers.  If you would like to send your dampers in for an initial inspection, please send them to the following address with a covering letter giving your name, address, contact telephone number and detail any issues you are currently experiencing.


Avo UK Ltd
Caswell Road
Brackmills Industrial Estate

Multiple Industries

Avo UK are proud to have the capability of designing and manufacturing dampers for all types of industries and environments.  Below are some examples away from the automotive industry that use Avo UK.


  • Naval Ship
  • Launch Control for gliders
  • Mobile landing lights
  • Power boat seats
  • Agricultural machinery


For any enquiries please contact